Honoring Lives Differently

Creating unique and meaningful Life Celebrations in times of loss. We call them “After Parties”. A unique and innovative way to honor loved ones who have passed.

Services We Offer

Tailored offerings to honor your loved ones and give closure to those who are still here

Life Celebrations

Dedicated support in planning and conducting customized Life Celebrations to honor your loved one’s legacy and uniqueness.

Virtual Memorials

Offering virtual platforms and tools to help families connect and commemorate their loved ones, transcending physical distances.

After Party Toolkit

Templates, checklists, and more handy helpful tools to support you and your family as you navigate the End of Life process

Our Story

The After Party People was born when our 99 year old relative passed away and we started discussing the challenges of loss and the confusion that comes with trying to navigate the practicalities of planning a funeral after someone passes away. We also didn’t want it to be traditional and gloomy… Rosmarie was a party animal and with champagne in hand, we toasted to being able to help other people do this someday.

In times of grief or heightened emotions, having support and resources can make all the difference. That’s where we, the After Party People, step in to offer guidance and assistance so you and your loved ones can spend time together on the things that matter most.

Why Choose Us

We offer compassionate support and personalized services to help you honor your loved one in a unique and memorable way.

Personalized Support

Receive compassionate and personalized support from our team to create a meaningful and fitting tribute for your loved one.

Innovative Solutions

Offering innovative solutions and modern approaches to celebrate the life of your loved one in a unique and uplifting way.

Let’s Connect

Reach out to After Party People for compassionate guidance in planning a special tribute for your loved one. Connect with us today.

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